How to Execute a Romance Travel to Greece

In recent years, Greece has made news for the wrong reasons. It has been about its financial crisis and inability to pay its debts. At some point, the government was virtually bankrupt. Then there was the immigrant crisis threatening to engulf what was left of Greece. The lousy news has dominated the headlines that it is easy to forget that it was in Greece that the god of love was born. Greece is famous as one of the romantic getaways on earth. Very few places on earth provide the same strong romantic aura as this country.

So in spite of the financial crisis, there are one million reasons why you should take your love affair to Greece.  Whether it is a marriage proposal or honeymoon, Greece should be in your list if you long for the most romantic moments of your life. As historians will tell you, the Greek had many gods. The gods may have all died, but it seems the spirit of the god of love still lingers about, hovering over Greece; there is a romantic charm in this country. There is some magic when the lovebirds propose a toast to your partner in this Mediterranean nest, by the stunning beaches or the impressive mountain scenery; it will always shine in your memory, as brightly as the star that once guided the three wise men. Also more information please visit here Rocket Marketing Pro.

Everywhere you turn there is a breathtaking beauty. There are countless options on offer for the lovers determined to find the perfect setting to enjoy their private romantic activities. While you are busy watching and reading the negative news, thousands of lovebirds are flying there swiftly as doves, from all over the world to celebrate honeymoon on the Greece islands, hidden behind quiet green spaces, watched over by the mellow sunsets.

When you arrive in Greece with your other half, these are the spots you should visit:

Sunset at Aeropagus

A sunset view is romantic anywhere, thus you may say. But if you pick the right spot in Athens, watching the sun go down is a new experience. Sipping a beer while holding your lover as both of you watch the glorious sunset in Athens is one moment you will cherish to your grave. There are several places to view the evening.

One spot you can choose is Aeropagus, the tiny, rocky hill on the west of the Acropolis. In ancient times, it was Athens’s high court where philosophical questions were discussed all day. It was on this spot that apostle Paul, about 49 A.D., gave his moving discourse to the idol-worshipping philosophers, persuading them to abandon their worthless gods and turn to Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of the only true God, according to the bible. Before that, it was a temple for Areus, the god of revenge and punishment.

The temple was destroyed and buried. Now the place is the perfect spot for tourists to look out Acropolis. You can take fantastic pictures here with your beloved partner while going downhill to the old city or to Acropolis itself.

Be careful with your safety. Put on good climbing shoes, for the worn-out rocks are slippery, having been polished by tourists who climb the hill daily.

In August, the slippery slope is teeming with crawling tourists, partly made up of Christians who must see the spot where Apostle Paul gave his first significant sermon to the pagans. Other tourists want to look at the birthplace of democracy for it is also here that the ancient politicians would meet to discuss policies that later gave birth to the freedom of choice.

Schoinias Beach

The beach, joyful to behold, is about 45 KM northeast outside of Athens. It is accessed mostly by car, which you can park under the shades near the sea after the 45-minute drive from Athens. You two can then walk the about 100 meters to the beach. You can first enjoy windsurfing if the winds are strong enough, or sit down and enjoy a quiet picnic while listening to the sounds of waves beating against the rocks. The peace and tranquillity are beyond measure.

The 3 KM long beach is lined with pine trees, through which you can walk, hand in hand, after enjoying a swim in the summer months. On one end are several bars and traditional fish taverns.

You can remain until night, to enjoy a great time swimming with your lover under the moonlight. The unique Schoinias night swim experience is unforgettable. You will forever cherish the memory of walking barefoot on the white sand, hand in hand while heading to one of the beach bars to enjoy your cocktail.

National Garden

The National Garden, located next to the Parliament House, is excellent for a romantic walk through the beautiful flowers, plants and small animals. It is evergreen. You won’t realise it, but you will be wailing opposite the Kalimarmaron Olympic Stadium, where the very first modern Olympics occurred. That realisation could turn out to be romantic too. You can sit on one of the benches under a eucalyptus tree and picnic while admiring the duck or the turtles in the ponds. There is also a zoo.


Try not to visit Greece during the peak season, which is between late July and the end of August. During this period the weather is scorching hot, the prices skyrocket, and every spot is overcrowded, for the locals themselves are on holiday vacation.

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