How to Execute a Romance Travel to Greece

In recent years, Greece has made news for the wrong reasons. It has been about its financial crisis and inability to pay its debts. At some point, the government was virtually bankrupt. Then there was the immigrant crisis threatening to engulf what was left of Greece. The lousy news has dominated the headlines that it is easy to forget that it was in Greece that the god of love was born. Greece is famous as one of the romantic getaways on earth. Very few places on earth provide the same strong romantic aura as this country.

So in spite of the financial crisis, there are one million reasons why you should take your love affair to Greece.  Whether it is a marriage proposal or honeymoon, Greece should be in your list if you long for the most romantic moments of your life. As historians will tell you, the Greek had many gods. The gods may have all died, but it seems the spirit of the god of love still lingers about, hovering over Greece; there is a romantic charm in this country. There is some magic when the lovebirds propose a toast to your partner in this Mediterranean nest, by the stunning beaches or the impressive mountain scenery; it will always shine in your memory, as brightly as the star that once guided the three wise men. Also more information please visit here Rocket Marketing Pro.

Everywhere you turn there is a breathtaking beauty. There are countless options on offer for the lovers determined to find the perfect setting to enjoy their private romantic activities. While you are busy watching and reading the negative news, thousands of lovebirds are flying there swiftly as doves, from all over the world to celebrate honeymoon on the Greece islands, hidden behind quiet green spaces, watched over by the mellow sunsets.

When you arrive in Greece with your other half, these are the spots you should visit:

Sunset at Aeropagus

A sunset view is romantic anywhere, thus you may say. But if you pick the right spot in Athens, watching the sun go down is a new experience. Sipping a beer while holding your lover as both of you watch the glorious sunset in Athens is one moment you will cherish to your grave. There are several places to view the evening.

One spot you can choose is Aeropagus, the tiny, rocky hill on the west of the Acropolis. In ancient times, it was Athens’s high court where philosophical questions were discussed all day. It was on this spot that apostle Paul, about 49 A.D., gave his moving discourse to the idol-worshipping philosophers, persuading them to abandon their worthless gods and turn to Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of the only true God, according to the bible. Before that, it was a temple for Areus, the god of revenge and punishment.

The temple was destroyed and buried. Now the place is the perfect spot for tourists to look out Acropolis. You can take fantastic pictures here with your beloved partner while going downhill to the old city or to Acropolis itself.

Be careful with your safety. Put on good climbing shoes, for the worn-out rocks are slippery, having been polished by tourists who climb the hill daily.

In August, the slippery slope is teeming with crawling tourists, partly made up of Christians who must see the spot where Apostle Paul gave his first significant sermon to the pagans. Other tourists want to look at the birthplace of democracy for it is also here that the ancient politicians would meet to discuss policies that later gave birth to the freedom of choice.

Schoinias Beach

The beach, joyful to behold, is about 45 KM northeast outside of Athens. It is accessed mostly by car, which you can park under the shades near the sea after the 45-minute drive from Athens. You two can then walk the about 100 meters to the beach. You can first enjoy windsurfing if the winds are strong enough, or sit down and enjoy a quiet picnic while listening to the sounds of waves beating against the rocks. The peace and tranquillity are beyond measure.

The 3 KM long beach is lined with pine trees, through which you can walk, hand in hand, after enjoying a swim in the summer months. On one end are several bars and traditional fish taverns.

You can remain until night, to enjoy a great time swimming with your lover under the moonlight. The unique Schoinias night swim experience is unforgettable. You will forever cherish the memory of walking barefoot on the white sand, hand in hand while heading to one of the beach bars to enjoy your cocktail.

National Garden

The National Garden, located next to the Parliament House, is excellent for a romantic walk through the beautiful flowers, plants and small animals. It is evergreen. You won’t realise it, but you will be wailing opposite the Kalimarmaron Olympic Stadium, where the very first modern Olympics occurred. That realisation could turn out to be romantic too. You can sit on one of the benches under a eucalyptus tree and picnic while admiring the duck or the turtles in the ponds. There is also a zoo.


Try not to visit Greece during the peak season, which is between late July and the end of August. During this period the weather is scorching hot, the prices skyrocket, and every spot is overcrowded, for the locals themselves are on holiday vacation.

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Are you planning to travel to Greece but are unsure about the currency you’ll be using or how you’ll be making your payments? Well, here is a guide to help you choose a travel money option and how each of them works:

Prepaid Travel Cards

Most travel cards will have the option of loading British Pounds which you’ll later change into Euros. To avoid paying a currency conversion fee when making purchases or ATM withdrawals, check the reload fee or ATM fee as some of the travel cards do not charge a fee for this. Greece is a member of the European countries and if you come from any of the member countries, you’ll not have to incur the exchange fee as your money is already in Euros.

Debit Cards

When deciding the debit card you will bring with you to Greece, you should consider the currency conversion fee and the foreign ATM transaction fees. For instance, for a Barclays debit card, there is a 2.75% fee for a non-sterling transaction.  Llyod’s charges a 2.99% fee for non-sterling transactions on withdrawals or purchases and for NatWest or RBS a transaction fee of 3% is payable. There are banks that are members of the Global Alliance that have come into an agreement to allow their members to make affordable withdrawals even when abroad.

Credit Cards

Having a credit card is one of the best ways to help you cater for emergencies in the event of an emergency that will require a huge purchase. You’ll be able to make your purchases even when you do not have the required funds. There are some credit cards that have the benefit of complimentary travel & purchases protection insurance if you abide by their conditions.

When using a credit card, you need to be very careful with your spending and only use what you can afford to pay at the end of the month. You don’t want to enjoy a holiday in Greece only to end up with bad debts when you get back home.

Traveler’s Cheques

Unlike in the past when it was very risky to carry a traveler’s cheque when traveling due to fraud, most of the providers today provide a money back guarantee in the event of fraud. There are some places in Greece where you can cash your traveler’s check so that you can have enough to spend on your travel expeditions.


It is possible to pay using cash when traveling to Greece. You, however, need to observe the following precautions:

  • You need to set aside an emergency cash supply as well as a back-up card that you’ll be able to use when an emergency occurs. 
  • When you travel to Greece during the peak seasons, it is possible to have the ATMs with English instructions running out of cash. If you find out that only the non-English ATMs have cash, do not hesitate to use them. Most of them will switch to English when you insert a foreign card.

When going out for sightseeing, it is important to have small denominations for use when making small purchases. Most of the small shops may take advantage of you as a tourist and claim that they do not have change which will be a huge inconvenience. You can get smaller denominations in banks which will make your adventure more exciting.

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Traveling Safely

Though Greece is a safe country, there are risks of getting caught up in terrorist attacks especially where tourists frequent. You need to be careful when traveling around Greece so that you do not become a victim of such attacks. You can choose to travel to the Greek islands or to the countryside where there are minimal risks of experiencing a terrorist attack. Here are some great tips for having a safer and easier travel in Greece:

Ensure that your phone is in good working condition

When visiting Greece, you should get yourself a good pay-as-you-go phone where you’ll save all the relevant data including your location, hotel number, and any other detail. If you are going out for sightseeing, you should have the contact details of the hotels in that area so that you can make reservations on the go.

Carry minimal luggage in your travel

Getting a lot of luggage when traveling in Greece will make things more difficult for you. When packing, get only what you really need and avoid what you can survive without. For instance, if you need a camera to capture the moments, get a small-sized camera to make it easier to carry it. you can also take a photo of your guidebook instead of carrying it which will further reduce the number of items you’ll be carrying. 

Get a current map before embarking on your journey

Any time you go out for sightseeing in Greece, do not forget to carry your map. You’ll need it to find alternative routes in the event that the one you’re using is blocked. There is an Athens map that one is given free of charge at the airport which will be your best option in this case. In the event that you don’t understand the map, you can switch on the location on your mobile phone and you’ll be able to know your current location at any time.

Do not forget your medication

If you are under any medication prior to your travel, do not forget to carry it with you. When going around Greece for sightseeing, carry your drugs so that in case you spend the night in another hotel, you’ll have your day’s supply of medications. 

Always have your colored passport copy

To avoid any trouble with the security agencies, it is important to have a copy of your passport every time you travel. You should also have another copy in your hotel room and on your email in case you lose the hard copies.

Learning a little Greek is a plus

To be able to understand the street signs along the road, you need to have a little knowledge of the Greek language. Your chances of getting lost as you drive are less compared to a person that does not understand Greek.

Socialize with the locals

As you travel around Greece, do not shy away from speaking to the locals. Most of them are very friendly and will be happy to give their opinions regarding the common happenings and about the political world as well. You should also stay updated by watching the news and reading the local dailies that are written in a language you can understand.

When traveling in Greece, it is important to have travel insurance so that you can get compensation in case anything goes wrong. An insurance cover will make it possible for you to enjoy your stay in Greece without the fear of losing any of your valuable possessions.

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Foods in Greece

Greek has some of the best foods globally and their culinary influence is not only felt in Europe but in other continents as well. Greek’s old age tradition when it comes to food is largely influenced by the eastern and the western cultures which further make their food exceptionally delicious. Most of the meals will contain more veggies, fish, and seafood as the country has a large coastline.

The type of food you’ll take every time you visit Greece may vary depending on the season or your destination. Here are some of the foods that are a must eat every time you visit Greece:


These are gluten-free almond cookies that would be great when enjoying your cup of coffee either alone or with your friends or family. Sharing these cookies is a clear indication of the bond that exists between you and the good times you are having in Greece. It is important to note that the making of Amygdalota may differ depending on the region you are visiting.


These are sweet pies that are made using phyllo pastry and semolina custards. Whether you choose to take it during the day or at nights, bougatsa will create some amazing memories long after your visit to this amazing country. You can choose to take this delicacy at roadside food courts where the cost is cheaper as you enjoy the beautiful landscape around Greece.


These are small dolmades made using stuffed grape leaves and minced lamb or beef. Some people will also stuff some rice in the dolmades to make it more satiating. Dolmadakia is usually served as an appetizer together with some lemon wedges as you wait for the main meal.


Baklava is a typical Greek food that contains nuts, butter, and sugar. The delicacy is baked and to give it that unique taste, some phyllo layers are poured on it. Baklava is mostly served as a dessert and will bring the much needed festive mood in every meal. You’ll love every bite of this amazing dessert food!


Tomatokeftedes, which is also known as tomato fritters is a traditional meze that will be a perfect fit if you are a vegetarian. To prepare this delicacy you’ll need some tomato drains, mint, and some onion chunks. You cannot miss this rough-edged delicacy every time you visit Greek!

Greek Fava Dip

Flava dip, which is a vegetable dish, is made using yellow split peas and you’ll mostly get it at Santorini Island. However, most hotels in Greece will serve it as an appetizer before the main meal is served. If you are visiting Greek during winter, this creamy meal will be a great way to boost your appetite before you have your main meal.

Feta Me Meli

Feta Me Meli is an amazing Greek food that you can use as a dessert or as an entrée. The delicacy is wrapped in a filo pastry and the oven baked. The chef will also sprinkle some honey over the delicacy before baking it which will give it that mesmerizing taste.

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Fun Things to Do in Greece

Greece is a great country that has a lot to offer. It would be right to refer to it as a cultural hub where you can engage in numerous fun activities. The beautiful countryside, delicious wine, and great foods are some of what there is to enjoy in Athens. Though there are various historic sites you can go to have fun in Greece, there are numerous modern fun things you can do in Greece. Here are some of the fun things you can do in Greece:

Sea Kayaking

Nothing is more fun than exploring the Greece coastline in a kayak especially at the Pelion Coastline. As you enjoy your kayaking trip, you can also take part in cliff jumping, swimming or even take a walk. There are delicious beverages or snacks you can take to give you the strength to enjoy your sea kayaking trip. There are different companies that offer kayaking packages and your choice will depend on your personal preference.

Go on a Road Trip

To enjoy the beauty of Greece, you can rent a car and go on a road trip. The local people you’ll meet along the way are friendly and will help you understand more about the beautiful sites. To get more on your road trip, you can travel to different islands and for each of them, rent a car and go on a trip around the island. The greatest benefit of this trip is that you’ll do it on your own pace and make stopovers any time you see something interesting. It is important to remember, however, that getting a parking space in Greece is a nightmare especially if you are a foreigner. You can hire a taxi that will be driven by a local to avoid such issues as the locals are given more preference when it comes to parking.

Visit the Tourlitis Lighthouse

The Tourlitis Lighthouse was constructed in 1897 but during the 2nd world war, it was destroyed. A rich oil dealer rebuilt the Tourlitis Lighthouse for his child in 1990 and made it even more beautiful and unique. The lighthouse is located at the top of a rock, near Andros and you’ll love visiting this unique tourist attraction. 

Visit the Rocks of Lemnos

The Rocks of Lemnos are located in Lemnos Island that is off Greece’s mainland. The island has some unique rock formation that protrudes from the ground. Though not many people go to view the rocks, it is a unique attraction that is worth spending some time to see.

Visit the Archeological Museum of Delphi

The Archeological Museum of Delphi is a unique tourist attraction that will allow you to see some of the best ancient artifacts. The artifacts in the museum are as old as 1000 years during the Mycenean and the Greco-Roman eras. As you enter Delphi, the cost of visiting the museum will be included in the entry fee. If you don’t want to pay, however, you can choose to visit the museum on the 1st Sunday of every month from November to March. To get this offer, you have to get there early as there are usually long queues of people who want to benefit from the free entry.

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Getting Around in Greece

The most convenient means of getting around in Greece is by bus. The buses are able to cover most mainland routes and also provide a connection to the islands. If you don’t intend to use the bus, you can rent a motorbike, a car or a scooter from the many rental outlets.

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If you intend to make inter-island travels, you can use a ferry, catamaran or a hydrofoil. Traveling by air is also an option which will get you to your destination faster though you’ll spend more for your transportation. Here is a more detailed outline of the means you can use to get around Greece:


Buses in Greece follow a scheduled departure time which makes them very efficient. However, if you intend to travel to remote villages or follow secondary roads, traveling by bus will not be the best idea as they are less regular. 

If you’ll be boarding a bus on a major departure point, the ticketing is digitalized and you’ll be assigned a seat when you buy your ticket. However, if you’ll be using secondary routes, the tickets will be issued on a first come first served basis. Your pay will depend on your destination and you’ll not be able to make an advanced booking.


Though trains are slower than buses, they are less expensive which means you’ll save more in your travel expeditions. They are also enjoyable and if you have company, you’ll have an amazing time to catch up as you enjoy the beautiful scenes outside. 

You can choose to travel first class which is more expensive or second class which will cost less. You’ll get your ticket at railway stations if it is computerized and you’ll also get a chance to reserve a seat. If you choose to buy your ticket on board, you’ll pay a 50% penalty.

Sea Travel

There are various vessels you can use when traveling by sea and you have a chance to make a choice based on your needs and personal preference. You can choose to use an ordinary ferry, high-speed boats, catamarans, roll-on-roll-off or even small boats commonly referred to as kaikia by the locals. 

If you choose to use the ferry, you’ll need to liaise with the port police who’ll inform you of the departure time. You can also get some automated phone-answering machines in some ports especially the ones that are very busy.

Air Travel

There are domestic flights in Greece that are under the control of Olympia Airlines which is the national carrier. You’ll be able to travel by air to most islands and mainland destinations especially if you’ll be traveling to or from Athens or to or from Thessaloniki. You will buy your ticket online through the available travel agencies, or online. 

In addition to the above means of transport, you can also move around Greece via car, motorcycle or even a taxi. It is important to note that the roads’ condition in Greece could be very poor and that the fatal accident rate is among the highest in Europe. Parking is also a nightmare in most towns or island centers due to oversubscriptions. Some places will give preference to the locals when it comes to parking which could be a huge problem if you are a tourist.

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Top Sites in Greece-Don’t Miss Sites

Greece is a popular tourist destination where you’ll find numerous ancient ruins, sunny beaches, delicious cuisines, and whitewashed villages. The country is ranked among the best travel destination in Europe which is a clear proof that you can never go wrong by choosing to visit it. Here are some of the top sites you cannot afford to miss every time you are in Greece:

Greek Islands

There are over 2000 islands in Greece which makes one of the best travel destinations globally. Here you’ll find attractive beaches, colorful harbors, and ancient ruins, among other amazing attractions. Most people prefer to visit Santorini, Mykonos, and Rhodes Islands which makes them some of the most popular islands in Greece.

When making plans to visit the Greek Islands, do not be in a rush to leave as there is too much to see and enjoy. Look for convenient accommodation so that you can see as much as possible and create some wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.


This is a Greek word that means suspending in the air which clearly describes the amazing cliffs that are over 1200 feet above the ground. The cliffs overlook Kalambaka & Kastraki villages that are at the center of Greece. On top of the cliffs, you’ll find historic monasteries that were likely constructed in the 14th or the 16th centuries. The monks that built the monasteries were after spiritual isolation and a place they could run to avoid religious persecution.


Delphi is a popular archeological site in Greece that is located at the slopes of Mount Parnassus. The ancient Greeks considered Delphi as the center of the earth and dedicated it to their god, Apollo who was a renowned oracle. People from different places would come to Delphi to make inquiries from the priest on different issues such as farming, relationships or even politics.

In Delphi, you’ll also find the Temple of Apollo, Athenian Treasury, and hippodrome where people used to take part in Pythian Games.


Peloponnese, which was formerly known as Morea looks like a large leaf is located on the southern end of Greece and Europe. Here you’ll find classic Greek temples, Bysantine churches, Mycenaean Palaces, and some Venetian fortresses. 

Olympia which is among the ancient ruins in Peloponnese became popular when the first Olympic Games were hosted there in respect to Zeus.


Zagori, which is located in the northwestern part of Greece, has a natural beauty where you’ll find 2 national parks. The area also has a dense forest and some rugged mountains that are furrowed by some powerful rivers. You’ll also find traditional villages that feature grand stone structures that were built in the 18th century. If you love hiking, this is a perfect travel destination, especially at the amazing Vikos Gorge.

Cape Sounion

Cape Sounion is located at the southern tip of Attica peninsula where the Greek temple of Poseidon, who was a sea goddess. The ruins are surrounded by the sea and every time you visit, you’ll build some great memories. You can choose to visit the area during the day and then spend your evening in Athens, which is an amazing destination as well.

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