Creating A Web Design With 7 Simple Steps

The purpose of a website is to help a company in marketing its products and services. For the marketing process to be effective, websites need to be attractive enough to attract visitors who will then be converted to clients. Web designers at web design Birmingham agency are well experience in providing these services and their success is based on the process that they follow to ensure they up with good quality final product.

Process of web designing

The web designing process is different from one company to another but there are certain steps that are a must to follow in the process of creating a web design. These steps are inclusive of;

Gathering of information

This is the first process in creating a web design. The web designer would want to understand what the company is all about in respect to the products or services that they are offering

Goal identification

After identifying what the company is all about, the web designer will want to know what the company seeks to achieve with their website; is it just to provide information or to sell items? Who are their target audience and who are their competitors, if they have any.

Scope identification

This basically involves the identification of any other features that may be required to make the website a success. This includes tings such as accompanying apps, building emails and push notifications.

Framework creation

The framework helps the designers to map out how the pages and contents of the website are going to relate. This is important as it will help to identify any challenges that might come up when making the actual design and look for solutions early enough

Content creation

Content for the website is created in this step making sure that they are well equipped with search engine optimized tools. In this process, the visual elements such as colours and logos are also created

Testing and approval

The final product is then shown to the website owners to show them how it works to seek their approval.


If the sample gets accepted, then it is launched on the website and the designers at web design Birmingham will help you do important follow up processes.